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What to Look for in a Donor Wall Vendor

There is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing a donor wall vendor. The trend of donor recognition has taken off over the past few years and more organizations are looking to honor the contributions of the people who support their cause. Setting up a donor wall is one of the most effective ways to do so for which you have to get in touch with a vendor to get the wall designed. As the demand for donor walls increases, so does the number of vendors in the market. Hence, choosing one becomes that much more difficult. Here are a few things you should look for in a donor wall vendor:


Recognizing the contribution of someone who has helped your cause requires that you ensure the best quality materials are used for making the donor wall. This is only possible if you choose the right vendor. Have a look at the portfolio of the vendor before making a decision. If possible, visit some of the locations where the vendor has installed donor walls previously.


The vendor should offer you a range of designs to choose from. While donors don't complain about the design, that doesn't mean you should go for a staid looking donor wall design. There are several options when it comes to design, including touchscreen and digital signage. Only vendors who know their stuff offer design options.


This is perhaps the most pertinent of all factors. You need to make sure the spending on the donor wall is not too extravagant. It sends the wrong message to the donors, possibly getting them to think that their contribution to a worthwhile cause is being used to purchase donor walls. This is why you need to find a vendor who can set up the donor wall for you within the budget you have decided.


Last, but not the least, you should ask the vendors on your list whether they offer maintenance services. Regardless of the type of donor wall you choose, some maintenance will be required. Moreover, if you attract more donors in the future, their names would have to be added to the wall. That would require updating it. A vendor who offers to maintain and upgrade the wall as per your needs is a good choice, as it reduces the hassle on your part.

These are some things you should look for in a donor wall vendor.