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Tips for Setting up an LCD Donor Wall

There are many ways of setting up a donor recognition wall. One of the best ways to do so is to set up an LCD donor wall. An LCD donor wall gives you the chance to keep the wall interesting. It will cost a hefty amount but maintaining LCD donor walls is easier as compared to a standard, plain donor wall. Let's look at a few tips that will help you set up a great LCD donor recognition wall:


The first thing you have to analyze is whether or not an LCD donor wall is within your budget. LCD donor walls require you to purchase expensive LCDs along with other equipment. Moreover, LCDs are quite vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Therefore, you will have to arrange for the necessary safekeeping of the LCD donor wall as well. All of this can cost a hefty amount and you should set a budget beforehand to carry this out.

Arranging the LCDs

There are many ways you can arrange the LCDs on a donor wall. You can either install a few large LCDs, but this may limit options for you. However, it may work out best for you if your donor wall / memorial wall has space enough for large LCDs. But you can also go for a number of small LCDs. A number of small LCDs can be used to create a single, large display. This will work out exceptionally if you have arranged the donor names by category or tier.

Visual Effects

The best thing about LCD donor walls is that you can change the arrangement from time to time. One thing you should constantly keep up to date is the visuals. You should keep the effects and display elements interesting at all times. Varying visual effects will add greater appeal to the LCD donor wall. You can even change visitors' moods with the visual effects you utilize. You may set up one effect to get visitors excited, and change it to a refined effect if you want them to relax.

Tier Structure

The tier structure is a great way to encourage your donors to contribute more. You can set up an LCD on each tier and arrange the donor names according to the size of their contributions. Once the tiers are set up, you can inform donors about how you arranged their names on the LCD donor wall. Be sure to inform your donors that they can move up to the highest tier if they donate more. This will encourage the donors to contribute more in the future. You can use these tips to set up a great LCD donor wall. Remember that these are just a few ideas to get you started. You can incorporate other design ideas to make it more interesting.