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Should You Market the Unveiling of a Donor Wall?

The unveiling of a donor wall for any not-for-profit or charitable organization is a newsworthy event. It not only gives the organization the chance to thank its donors on a public platform but also raise awareness for the cause they are working for. This usually helps attract more donors. The more money the organization receives, the more it can work towards the betterment of the society. However, some cynics view the event as a publicity stunt. This does bring to mind this question: should you market the unveiling of your donor wall?

There are two angles to this. Firstly, publicity is good for a nonprofit. The only way you can get the money you need to operate at your current scale is that you continue receiving donations. Making the news is one way you can get more people to donate for your cause. This way, you can raise the money you need. On the flip side, some people might think that you are wasting your organization's resources on the event and a simple ceremony would be a better option. They feel the money would be better spent on helping the needy or whichever cause you champion.

It is a valid argument, no doubt, but you have to understand the merits of marketing the event. As mentioned above, it will help you further your cause. You need the support of the privileged if you are to work for the greater good. That is only possible if more people know about your organization. Marketing the unveiling of your donor wall is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways you can do so.

Furthermore, the donor wall itself serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for people to come forward and donate what they can. They know that if they contribute, their name would go on the donor recognition kiosks. At the end of the day, who wouldn't want to have their names associated with a good cause?

One thing you can do is keep the event low-key and limited to the donors and a few media personnel. There is no point in having a lavish event as you are only going to invite criticism that way. So, there is no doubt that marketing the unveiling of your donor wall is important. Having it highlighted in newspapers and on various online media channels will create much-needed awareness for your organization.

So, the bottom-line is that you should market the unveiling of the donor wall.