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Planning Donor Wall Installation

There is more to installing a donor wall than simply having it built and set up. You need to make sure the area around the donor wall is prepared for the installation so that the donor wall doesn't look out of place. This is a common mistake organizations make when getting a donor wall installed. There are numerous things that you have to take into account so that you can be certain that the donor wall will be installed perfectly and you wouldn't face any problems once the installation is complete. Here are some things you need to check:

Availability of Resources

There are some resources that you need for the donor wall to be installed properly and for it to serve its purpose. For instance, if you are getting an electronic donor wall for your organization, you need electrical outlets where the wires will be plugged in. When it comes to interactive digital donor walls, you need IT resources for it to work properly. Moreover, you also need to ensure there is adequate lighting so that the donor wall is easy to view for the audience.

The Background

You need to make sure the background of the donor wall doesn't distract viewers from the wall itself. The purpose of the donor wall is to recognize the names of the donors who have contributed to your cause. If there are distractions in the background that deviate your attention from the donor wall, it defeats the purpose. So, check the wall or structure behind the donor wall. If it needs a paint job, get it done. If there are fixtures that need to be installed, have them taken care of right away.

Level of Security

There is no doubt that your memorial donor wall is safe from theft and robbery. But that doesn't mean there isn't a risk of vandalism. You don't want some vagabond spray painting all over the donor wall that you have invested so much money in. There have been instances where graffiti was found on donor recognition walls. That is the last thing you want. So, you need to check the level of security around the place the donor wall is to be installed. It doesn't have to be high-end but it is necessary. These are some factors you have to keep in mind when planning donor wall installation. Doing so would ensure that the donor wall is installed and set up properly and you can make the most of it.