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The Objectives of Setting up a Donor Wall

There are quite a few reasons why nonprofits and other charitable organizations set up donor walls. The inherent purpose is to thank the contributors for their donations. Yet, there are certain other objectives you can achieve through your donor wall as well. For instance, you can highlight the cause for which your organization is working. You can also attract more donors for your campaign through an attractive donor wall. Let's look at a few common objectives of donor recognition walls:

Thanking Existing Donors

The first and foremost purpose of setting up a donor walls is to thank existing donors for their generosity. Donors like to know the difference their contributions made. Moreover, it is a great way of showing donors that the amount they donated is being put to good use. This gives donors a sense of confidence and they are likely to support the organization in the future as well.

Attract More Donors

Another common goal for donor walls is to make more people aware of the campaign. If more people know about the campaign, they are likely to donate towards the cause as well. In other words, donor walls are a great way of attracting more donors. People will want their name or picture to be on the donor wall and they will make donations to get there.

Encouragement for Existing Donors

A donor wall is also a great way of encouraging existing donors to contribute more. You can arrange the names on the donor wall in a tier format. The top donors can be highlighted in a special category. This will encourage existing donors to contribute more so they can move towards the top tiers. This helps funnel in more donations for the organization or campaign.

Depicting the Organization's History

There are certain nonprofit organizations that have a rich history. By showing their achievements over the years, the organizations can attract more donors for their campaign. Moreover, the campaign history or organization history is made known to others. The more people know about it, they more support your organization will receive.

Thanking the Staff

One thing that should be included on a donor wall is gratitude for the staff. Donors make contributions, but it's the staff that does all the legwork. Therefore, it is important to thank the staff for their efforts. This compels them to work harder in order to get more recognition. These are some of the main objectives that organizations can achieve by setting up a donor wall.