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How to Select a Donor Wall Vendor

A donor recognition wall has to be perfect. Only then will it express your gratitude towards the contributors for supporting your campaign in the right way. A donor wall will only look great if the vendor does a good job of setting it up. For this, you have to ensure that the vendor is up to the task. Let's look at how you should select a donor recognition wall vendor:

Gather Referrals

The first step when hiring a donor wall vendor is to gather referrals. This way you will save yourself the hassle of looking for one. In addition, you are more likely to find a trustworthy vendor if you get a referral from a friend or colleague. You shouldn't settle for the first name you get. The first step is to gather at least four referrals. Once you have the referrals, contact each of the vendors one by one and talk to them to see if they fulfill your needs.

Previous Donor Wall Projects

When you are contacting the referrals that you gathered, you should firstly ask to see their previous work. This will give you design ideas. In addition, it will also enable you to see if the vendor would be able to do a good job or not. Do keep in mind that you are not selecting a vendor just yet. Even if you like a vendor very much, you should be patient until you contact and have a word with a few others. Have each of the donor wall vendors show you their previous work.

Budget for Wall

Ask the donor for a quote. Also tell the vendor about your budget. This is one of the most important factors that you have to consider when selecting a vendor. You have to ensure that you do not go over the budget. If a particular vendor is not giving you a good price, simply move on to a different one.

Design for Donor Wall

Explain the work that you need the vendor to do. Tell them about your expectations clearly. This will prevent any issues in the event you do hire one of these vendors. If a vendor promises to follow your requirements and fulfill your expectations you can hold them accountable if they don't. But if you do not relay your expectations to the vendor, they cannot be held accountable. The best thing is to outline your design on a piece of paper and explain it to the vendor in detail.

So, use these tips to select a vendor for your donor recognition wall. This way, you are likely to make the right decision.