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Donor Walls: The Best Way to Say 'Thank You'

There are many ways to thank donors for their contributions and donor recognition walls is one of them. 'Thank you' notes and phone calls are some of the most common ways. However, a donor wall is the best method to thank the contributors. Let's look at why donor walls are the best way to say thank you to the donors:

Recognizing the Donor's Contribution

The best reward for any donor is that his/her contributions are recognized and appreciated. This is why a donor wall is the best way to thank a person for the contributions they made. There are some people who are reluctant to display their name as a donor to the general public. This is why it is a good idea to ask a donor before adding their name on the donor wall. Nevertheless, it is a great way of showing a donor that you are thankful for the contributions they made.

Helping Donors Keep Track of Progress

This is another thing that can be done to say 'thank you' to the donors. It is a great idea to tell donors where their money is being spent. A digital donor wall with details regarding the progress of the campaign will make donors feel special. Moreover, you can screen a short multimedia presentation of your future plans for the organization and campaign. This will compel donors to continue donating to your campaign in the future as well.

Highlighting Amount of Contribution

You should always highlight the donors' names in accordance with the size of their contribution. Donors who donate a significant sum should be highlighted. But this must be done in a manner that the donors who made small contributions are not left out. Each and every donor is important.

A tiered system should be used, but only to encourage other donors to donate more and move up the tiers. The contributors who donate a large amount will continue doing so, and the ones with smaller contributions will donate more. You can appreciate their donations as well as funnel in more donations. Doing so will also attract new donors.

Messages of Gratitude

Before including a donor's name on the donor wall you should send them a 'thank you' letter. The best practice is to handwrite the letter as it holds greater value than a generic printout. In addition, you should ask for their approval to include their name on the donor wall. This way, even if the donor doesn't have their name included on the wall, they will appreciate your effort.

If you wish to thank your donors and compel others to donate towards your cause, a donor wall would be the best idea.