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Donor Wall Management Made Easier With Digital Solutions

When it comes to recognizing donors, there is no easier way to do it than getting a donor wall. Yet, some organizations have cold feet about investing in a donor wall. This seems strange, given the fact that they don't actually have to do anything. All they need to do is find a vendor who will set up and install the wall for them. They only need to worry about paying the vendor and bearing the costs for the maintenance and upkeep of the donor wall. However, you will still find them feeling apprehensive. The reason for this is understandable: managing a donor wall can be a real hassle.

First and foremost, you have to ensure the donor wall is installed properly. If the installation job is botched, there will be a frequent need for repairs and maintenance. In that case, a lot of time would be wasted keeping the donor wall intact which is better spent elsewhere. After all, the last thing an organization working for the betterment of the world needs is wasting its time looking after a donor wall. This is why they refrain from getting one in the first place.

This is a valid point and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. You need to assign someone the responsibility of looking after the donor wall and keeping it in top shape. If you do it yourself, your focus will be diverted from your main objective. This is where getting an electrical donor wall can do the trick for you. As the name suggests, the donor wall is powered by electricity. The names of the donors appear on a screen, more often than not by using a multimedia device.

This makes managing the donor wall easier in several ways. For one, you don't need to worry about the space on the donor wall. With conventional donor walls, there is only so much space available for you to fit the donors' names in. With a digital display, the frame keeps changing throughout. You can have a slideshow of the donors' names along with their pictures. For instance, you can have five donors in one slide and so on.

Even if you want to add or remove any names from the donor wall, it can easily be done. You only need a computer with a working internet connection to get the job done. So, if you have been putting off getting a donor wall simply because it is difficult to manage, you need not worry anymore. Digital solutions ensure the process is much easier and doesn't cause any hassle.